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Hey guys, I have been tagged by inkk-dragon  !! :D

1. How long have you been drawing?
    A: Hm, I'm gonna say since I was 8... but I hated drawing then. I started to love it maybe 2 years ago :D

2. If you could be anywhere right now where would it be?
    A: in a cozy house in north Minnesota with my dog!! :)

3. Apple or orange?
    A: apple! they are easier to eat and the seeds are nicely contained in the core... :P

4. Favorite food?
    A: salmon!

5. What is your most preferred art tool(s)?
    A: a colored pencil haha

6. If every porkchop where perfect?
    A: I'd eat a lot more pork, then?? 

7. What kind of movies do you enjoy the most?
    A: I love horror! especially psychological thrillers!! and comedies, also suspense-action (not just hardcore action)

8. What would you do to help someone?
    A: basically anything except for giving money. It is fun to donate blood, do Feed My Starving Children. I'm so dirt poor though! I'll someone points though!! :hug:

9.  What's your favorite holiday?
    A: Christmas because it's so close to my birthday and it usually has snow by then!

10. Glass half full of half empty?
    A: half full. gotta be optimistic or else I can't even focus :P

11. Favorite type of skittles?
    A: AHHH I don't even know?? I usually just eat all of them at once, I like green/yellow the best :)

12. How does someone english?
    A: they don't. one simply pretends like they can english and hope they pass off as intelligent

13. I hope you have a nice day?
    A: Thanks!! you too! :heart: :meow:

no tags because I am lazyyyyyyyyyyyyy. sorry!